Summer abroad and overseas boarding

Being a member of the Globeducate group means that, in addition to the trips available as part of the main school’s academic curriculum, students from Areteia get the opportunity to participate in overseas summer courses or can choose to board for longer periods of time at excellent schools in other countries. A unique opportunity to participate in an unforgettable international experience with students from other schools and making new friends from different countries and cultures.

Academic year abroad

Areteia students are able to spend a term, two terms or a year abroad at one of Globeducate’s excellent schools, including Stonar School, one of the UK’s most prestigious educational establishments.

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Summer Abroad

As a member of the Globeducate group Areteia’s students can access to some of the best schools throughout the world and are also offered the opportunity to attend Sumer School in the United Kingdom. An immensely valuable experience at both a personal and academic level, your child will never forget a summer spent overseas where they will make new friends, become more confident and independent and participate in a wide range of exciting activities. Choose a destination and find out more!

Stonar ICS Londres

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