Meetup for former pupils

Areteia has already 37 years of history and during these years many students have passed through the school. Many things have changed during this time, but the essence of our Project remains intact: to serve everyone from their individuality seeking the maximum development of each student.

Some people are no longer here, but the team remains united with the same energy as always and with the spirit that makes and has made Areteia that school that marks because it guides, encourages, pushes and opens doors.

It is usual to see, week after week, how many alumni visit us and always convey a message of appreciation. Every year the school organises an alumni meeting in which all promotions are invites. It is a pleasant experience to bring together all those that are part of the school history and for whom Areteia is part of  their lives.

Areteia will always be your home and we will be waiting for you with our open arms.

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