Educational Innovation Day

At Areteia School, we place particular importance on the concept of Educational Innovation. For this reason we set aside one day in particular to deal with this, aiming to share experiences and raise awareness about the reality of those pupils who need special attention. In this way, we get traditional schools to advance and improve in this aspect, to be better able to attend to the needs of pupils.

The first Educational Innovation Day at Areteia School was held in 2012. Since the beginning, interesting topics related to the values and ideals of the school, such as adoptions, dyslexia, ADHD and inclusion, have been discussed.

There are always a great number of professionals who attend the event. The great level of participation allows us to see the interest generated in the event as a result of the theme, and the lecturers involved, all of whom add value and experience. Some of the organisations which have collaborated so far include the Committee for Inclusive Education (UAM-UAH), other schools which also focus on inclusion, and other associations which are most excluded by the current system.

With all of this, we fight to make our school an inclusive school.


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