Letter from the headmaster

Dear families,

Attention to diversity is the challenge of our Educational Project: generating a context of success for each person, accepting and working on weaknesses but, above all, boosting the strengths and talents of every pupil is behind the activity of every single educator at Areteia, every day.

After 20 years of dedication to teaching, I assume responsibility for management of the school with the intention of continuing a project which is a reality, and which has reached a level of prestige parallel to the satisfaction of our families: pupils who at Areteia have found the opportunity to feel able, because they have felt supported; pupils who have achieved what no one thought they would, because they persisted; in short, pupils who are happier, because they are more competent, because they trust more in themselves, because they have discovered that their potential is worth more than limitations. This is why Areteia wants to be not a special school, but a school which specialises in boosting a person’s strengths.

In these times of change, the capacity to adapt is as basic as the need for examples which guide actions and become a compass for children, teenagers and young people. In close collaboration with the family, which is the key to the whole process, a structured, cohesive, coherent and capable team has before it the challenge of uniting two realities: on the one hand, the process of teaching and learning, where he who verbalises, participates, builds and does, is he who learns; on the other hand, human education, understood as that which teaches them to make good decisions, according to clear criteria in a plural world in which not all is right.

Areteia is, as we defined years ago, a school which learns, and he who is alone learns less. For this reason, belonging to Globeducate has boosted growth, support and synergy which is enriching our educational project, guiding it towards quality, incorporating new technologies and implementing the teaching of languages and artistic disciplines.

“We are committed to the education of your children” is one of the mottos which has always driven us, understanding commitment as accompanying, supporting and motivating our pupils to be better. Not better than others, simply better than they were. The Greeks spoke of arête, of excellence in relation to oneself, not in relation to a measure which stifles individuality and depletes the possibility of growth.

This is our project. This is our reality, and we put our maximum determination into it.

Thank you very much.


Luis García Carretero

Headmaster of Areteia School

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