The School’s History

Areteia was founded as a private school in 1980 from the initiative of the founding members (Carmen Castelló, Samuel Vidal and Carlos Carnicero), with the intention of creating an inclusive and high quality educational institution which allowed all pupils the opportunity to grow and advance, from their personal characteristics, in their learning: in “knowing” and “being”.

In the 2007-2008 academic year, Areteia joined the Globeducate group, a prestigious network of schools present in 9 countries, offering our school an opportunity for business and educational growth in collaboration with other schools in the group.

The Areteia team was created to understand and guide education in order to reach an educational goal: for our pupils to progress feeling comfortable with themselves and with others. We believe firmly in the richness of each person, and our wish is that each one of our pupils develops the best of themselves, taking their own needs into account.

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