Globeducate: Shaping the world

Globeducate Group is amongst the 5 most important educational groups in the world. Globeducate owns more than 50 schools worldwide, situated throughout Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, Andorra, India, Portugal, Canadá and Qatar, and has more than 40 years’ experience in the education sector. We employ over 1,800 teachers and are currently educating more than 18,000 students. In Spain we have 10 top-level private schools located in Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, Castellón, Bilbao, La Coruña and Vigo.

Schools forming part of the Globeducate group are characterised by educational excellence and our vision is based on the following core principles: multilingualism throughout the school, the IB programme at post 16, and a focus on an all-round education including technology, music, art and sports. Globeducate offer an ambitious and comprehensive curriculum which is designed to prepare our pupils for the social and professional reality of the world they live in today, and provide them with the tools they need to achieve academic and personal success.

Our curriculum covers every stage of your child’s educational journey from Preschool through Primary, Secondary, and on into post 16 academic, vocational and pre-university training. Our international network of schools opens up exchange opportunities which enhance and enrich your child’s knowledge and understanding of the world. We arrange short or long term stays in schools abroad, and run summer school programmes in Spain, Andorra and the United Kingdom. The Globeducate group organises many other international events where students from all over the world can meet, exchange views and form friendships.

Globeducate respond to the constantly changing educational needs of children and young people today; we are at the cutting edge of educational philosophy and practice, and our teachers are provided with all the training and resources that they need to ensure that your child is provided with the best possible education available today.

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