Areteia belongs to the prestigious, international community of Globeducate, an expanding educational group with presence in 9 countries: Spain, France, the UK, Italy, Andorra, India, Portugal, Canada and Qatar. As a whole, the Globeducate community includes pupils of 50 nationalities, contributing a great cultural richness and education in values which is highly beneficial for the students’ development. Areteia is a little family which places great importance on each and every member of the community, since every person is essential and all contribute to the school’s main objective: for our pupils to advance, feeling good about themselves and with other people.


The experienced teaching team at Areteia School works day after day to educate, encourage and motivate our pupils academically and personally.

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At Areteia School, the pupils have the support of specialist teaching staff and a Psychopedagogy Department in order to receive personalised attention.

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At Areteia, we understand that effective communication between the family and the school is essential for the students’ personal and academic development.

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Former Pupils

The former pupils of Areteia have a very important role at the school, since they are a clear example of the success achieved from years of work, effort and dedication.

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