Summer Courses

During the summer months Areteia School offers its students a wide range of camps and services including courses in music, sports, English, artistic expression, swimming, support classes and so on … Click on the link below to download the brochure providing details of the activities available, course dates and times, age groups and services, and choose a summer experience tailored to suit your child’s needs and interests.

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The school offers camps and courses in football, basketball, badminton, volleyball and self-defence, encouraging children to be physically active and to incorporate the essential principles associated with sport, including fair play, team work, cooperation, self-discipline and determination and, of course, ……have a really great time!



Our music courses are designed to make music fun and exciting and are available for all educational stages; courses for various musical disciplines are available, including instrumental courses in guitar, piano, violin and singing.



Help your child to improve his or her English language skills with full immersion, guided games and other stimulating language-based activities, all designed to suit your child’s level of expertise and areas of interest.


Artistic expression

Courses in artistic disciplines such as drawing, painting, stamping or modelling area are also on offer and in addition to just the pure pleasure and sense of satisfaction derived from engaging in these activities your child will be encouraged to explore their creative and expressive skills, acquiring a range of other cognitive and personal benefits.



We love swimming! The health and safety advantages of becoming a strong swimmer cannot be underestimated and Areteia school offers comprehensive swimming classes for all age groups taught by specialist swimming teachers.


Tailor-made support programmes

If your child needs a bit of extra help over the summer, Areteia will design a programme specifically to help them move forwards. Our tailor-made classes are adapted to suit your child’s needs and interests and include support programs, learning programs, preparation for the next academic level, revision and recuperation of specific subjects or courses.


Summer Abroad

Thanks to the international network of Globeducate, students at Areteia are offered the opportunity to spend time at some of the most highly-regarded schools in the United Kingdom. Choose a destination and give your child an experience they will never forget!

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