Secondary Education

Secondary Education is a stage which expects the emotional, social and moral development of young people aged 12 to 16, enabling them to make balanced progress and integrate into society with autonomy and responsibility. Throughout this obligatory educational stage, Areteia School attends to the needs of all pupils. It is also a stage of strong understanding, which facilitates attention to diversity according to the different interests and aptitudes of the pupils.

At Areteia School we respect individual differences and the principles of attention to diversity by establishing groups by level, with different plans, in order to encourage the progress of each and every one of our pupils. This attention is achieved through individual and personalised monitoring, attending to specific issues that the pupils may display.

This is a stage which also aims to prepare pupils for integration into the working world or to continue with their education. For this reason, personal, academic and professional guidance has an important place, particularly in the second cycle of this stage. Furthermore, an education in values has an important role in programmes at this stage, something which requires coordination between parents and teachers, to favour the progress of our Secondary Education pupils.

The Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills Programmes and the Excellent Workshops are very important at this stage, since they encourage our pupils’ development. In Secondary Education we teach a weekly Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills module in which the school’s doors open to professionals from different fields who share their experiences with the pupils. We also teach 2 weekly Excellent Workshops modules, which provide the pupils with the chance to participate in different workshops focused on a range of topics, favouring the process of integration and identification at school.


“Areteia reaches out to us at all times. They help us, they support us and they accompany us in what our son does, in educating him and in making him a happy person.”

Miguel Ángel Hernández y Mª Ángeles García

Parents of pupil in 4th ESO

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