Basic Vocational Training

The Basic Vocational Training Cycles are an alternative route within Obligatory Education (ESO). The duration of these cycles is 2,000 hours, including training in companies, equivalent to two full academic years. Successful completion leads to a professional qualification, enabling the pupil to continue on to Middle Level Vocational Training, equivalent to the ESO qualification when it comes to obtaining public or private employment. There are a variety of cycles corresponding to different qualifications, and at Areteia School we teach Administrative Services.

Access to the Basic Vocational Training Cycles

The requirements for access to the Basic Vocational Training Cycles are as follows:

  • Pupils must be 15 years of age, or turn 15 during the year, and must not be older than 17 at the start of the course nor during the year in which the course is to be studied.
  • Pupils must have studied the First Cycle of ESO, or as an exception, have studied the second course of ESO, and this be suggested by the teaching staff.

Why study Basic Vocational Training Cycles at Areteia?

At Areteia School we offer a route based on personalised education and pupils’ knowledge, favouring motivation for learning and finding the best future for them. We contribute to the pupils’ futures, considering communicative skills and emotional development to be the basis from which to reach maturity. Successful completion of this Basic Vocational Training Cycle enables the pupil to obtain the qualification of Technician in Basic Professional Administrative Services and access the Middle Level Training Cycles in Administrative Management, with the same level as an ESO graduate for access to employment.

The Areteia Methodology

We are a school which specialises in individualised teaching with special attention given to the needs and personal characteristics of the pupils. We add a practical aspect to what is learned and to development as a person. We seek active involvement from pupils in their learning and motivation, making them aware that knowledge of theory is an instrument for practical application of this theory, in classes of a maximum of 18 pupils.

What you will learn at Areteia

Throughout the two years of the Basic Vocational Training Cycle, pupils will learn: to use word processors and spreadsheets, to touch type, to identify the main phases for the delivery of emails, to carry out reprographics and binding tasks, to describe the procedures of payment and receipt, to apply control procedures, to develop behavioural habits and values, to value foreign languages, to respect differences and to consolidate their discipline, study and teamwork habits.

What professional opportunities you will have

On completion of the Basic Vocational Training Cycles, pupils at Areteia School will obtain a qualification in Basic Professional Administrative Services, with the same level as an ESO graduate. This allows them to:

  • Access Middle Level Vocational Training.
  • Access administrative management positions in all types of companies.
  • Sit the final ESO evaluation (final exams) in order to obtain the ESO graduate qualification.

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