In Baccalaureate, Areteia School is committed to providing pupils with a solid education which combines the necessary academic knowledge with a work methodology which helps the pupil to successfully face further studies, whether this is at university or in Centres for Advanced Level Vocational Training. We teach the subject areas of Science, Social Sciences and Humanities to classes of 18 pupils.


The methodology at Baccalaureate level at Areteia School is based on active learning which encourages attention, participation, work, study and in particular, critical awareness. These objectives aim to help pupils adapt to university or to Advanced Level Vocational Training. For this reason, the methodology at Areteia School is based on learning to listen, to synthesise, to be responsible, to organise information, to acquire competencies, to manage time, to research, to study… In short, learning to enjoy studying, transmitting a passion for discovery and learning to take critical and constructive viewpoints.

Excellent Programmes

In line with the approach of multiple intelligences and developing the individual abilities of each pupil, on Friday afternoons we offer them the opportunity to participate in different workshops in diverse subject areas: drama, web design, rock, animation, cinema, comics, science experiments and more. This encourages creative activities, in which the pupil is the true protagonist, favouring the process of integration and identification with the school.

Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills Programmes

This programme, developed throughout Secondary Education, takes on a new dimension in Baccalaureate. Our objective is to open our doors to professionals from different fields so that they can share their experiences with the pupils: sportspeople, artists, businessmen and women, civil servants, etc., contributing these experiences to our educational project in order to achieve the true objective of education, which is to broaden our pupils’ horizons.


At Areteia School we understand evaluation to be a continuous process and the result of the pupil’s learning dynamics. We use: diverse procedures which enable pupils to demonstrate and share, in writing, what they know of one or two didactic units studied in the classroom, to favour the development of work habits and interiorisation of concepts; three evaluation sessions per year; daily monitoring of study through oral questions or written tests; the evaluation of daily tasks; and pieces of work on a single subject which increase knowledge and truly develop pupils’ competencies.

Tutorial Monitoring

The tutor maintains fluid communication with parents which involves a meeting once per term, and permanent contact. The tutor is available both for the parents and for the pupil, and is dedicated to close monitoring of the pupil’s work; guidance in 2nd Baccalaureate which is a fundamental part of helping pupils to contact public and private institutions for further study; psycho-pedagogical tests for vocational guidance; extra sessions about accessing university, and guided visits to education fairs.


«Queremos agradecer la atención personalizada y el cariño con el que nuestro hijo de ocho años vive su día a día en el cole. Creemos en un colegio que le hace crecer como persona, sin miedo, no sabemos donde llegará pero confiamos en vosotros y en vuestro tesón. Con vosotros sabemos que conseguirá sacar lo mejor de si mismo. GRACIAS.»

Mother of pupils in Primary and Baccalaureate

Mother of pupils in ESO and Baccalaureate

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