Global Readiness

At Areteia we encourage our students to become citizens of the world; happy, confident and capable of developing their academic or professional career anywhere in the world, and ready to become useful and active members of today’s global community. Languages ​​play an essential role in achieving this goal, and English is introduced into the curriculum in the Early Years to ensure that by the time our students are ready to leave us they are academically mobile, comfortable in an international environment and able to work or study anywhere in the world.

Membership of the Globeducate Group enables us to connect with a world-wide schools’ network; Areteia offers short-term overseas exchanges, the opportunity to board overseas and a range of exciting international experiences, enabling our students to practice their language skills whilst interacting with other young people from all over the world. Globeducateorganise a number of international events where students are able to meet up and where the focus is on promoting values ​​such as respect, tolerance and healthy competition amongst students of more than 50 nationalities.

We also offer a range of additional activities and workshops alongside the main curriculum to help students acquire the skills and strategies necessary for personal growth; developing self-awareness and understanding, working on self-confidence and self-esteem and improving their social skills and other personal qualities in order the help them on their way to personal, academic  and professional success.

Leadership and entrepreneurial skills

A programme which complements the official curriculum, designed so that pupils acquire strategies and skills which enable them to be enterprising in their personal and professional lives.

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“Areteia Emprende”

Within the educational programme at Areteia School we strengthen and develop our pupils’ entrepreneurial skills through a project of inspiring talks and conferences.

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At Areteia School we promote English in accordance with the approach to attention to diversity, working with pupils on this foreign language at different levels of intensity from the age of 6.

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International Events

International events are part of the educational project, contributing to our pupils’ global readiness and fostering interaction with students from other countries.

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Summer abroad and boarding overseas

The opportunity to stay or study in another country provides an invaluable tool to enable students to use their foreign language skills in context, to become more independent and to develop social confidence.

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