Education in values

At Areteia School, we offer an education in values so that pupils learn to do, learn to learn and learn to be. We actively promote the process of interaction with our pupils to transmit positive attitudes and values for people and for society. Thanks to the collaboration of parents and teachers, we guide the process of learning values, attitudes and rules which will have an impact on, first, their behaviour, and second, their personality.

An education in values which enables…

  • Precise and harmonious development of their emotions and sensitivity
  • Intellectual development which boosts their curiosity and creativity
  • Personal development which enables them to reach their dreams

In order to instil a positive education in values in our pupils, we establish the characteristics we believe to be most important in people, and the values and attitudes to transmit. The teachers are responsible for putting this process into practice, which involves guiding pedagogical activities, teacher-pupil interaction, educational procedures and intervention programmes. Each teacher selects, prioritises and contextualises, depending on the characteristics of the group: age, circumstances, affective variables, etc. Furthermore, the tutor is the teacher who takes care of this transmission with their group. Tutorials are times specifically dedicated to this.

Class time is the right moment to promote and develop the students’ human values, since the interpersonal relationships there constitute a substantial part of the educational project. A good environment in class is achieved through rules for coexistence, the acceptance of said rules by the entire school community, and educating the pupils in the benefits of the rules of coexistence for the community, learning the rules of the game.

At Areteia School, we transmit to pupils the confidence that we are always there, ready to provide unconditional love which will attend to their needs. In this way, we head towards their achievement of a disciplined mind, capable of reaching appropriate goals for each person, through training and discipline. A synthetic mind, which productively complements the development of basic aptitudes and traditional disciplines with the capacity for precision and synthesis. A creative mind which develops creativity and takes into account new technologies. A respectful mind, educated in understanding differences both when this is to do with people, and their actions and thoughts. And, finally, an ethical mind, governed by integrity and guided by personal disinterest: willing to establish links with other individuals and with other cultures, and to assume responsibilities.


“Areteia has given me the chance to dream, to be able to continue with a future which once seemed unclear. What Areteia does is provide pupils with opportunities. They enable you to dream and aspire to be more.”


Former pupil of Areteia. Journalism Student

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